Academic Event Leadership

Waves in Time Varying Media 2023 (Executive Chair)

Given the success of WiTVM 2021, we launched a 2nd edition of Waves in Time-Varying Media, which we aim at establishing as a staple bi-annual event in the field! You can find more details at our webpage, the event dates are May 3-5 2023 at the Advanced Science Research Center of the City University of New York! Looking forward to that!

Waves in Time Varying Media 2021 (General Chair)

In 2021 I jumpstarted and led the first topical workshop (online due to COVID) dedicated to wave phenomena in time-varying media. With total 800+ individual participants over the course of 4 events of 3h each, one month apart.

Thanks to the help, advice and support of my wonderful colleagues Dr P. A. Huidobro, Prof. R. Sapienza, Dr Y.T. Wang, Mr R. Tirole and Prof. Sir J. B. Pendry. the workshop turned out to be a success beyond our wildest expectations, earning a dedicated commentary on Nature Photonics and establishing a hub for ongoing research in this field across the physics, engineering and applied mathematics communities.

Also, it showed that it's possible to organize a great event, free of charge to all participants and speakers, with less than £1000!