Pint of Science London 2019 - Invited Speaker

In 2019 my lovely undergraduate tutees kindly invited me as a speaker at a very fun Pint of Science event, a pub-hosted (and beer-powered!) science outreach event that occurs in parallel all over the world!

At the Crabtree Pub in London, the science of metamaterials shared the stage with the fascinating search for magnetic monopoles and atomic interferometry!

Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2018 - (Exec. Dir.)

With its history dating back to 1778, and attracting each Summer > 10k visitors over one week at the Royal Society in London, the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition is the premier UK Science Outreach event.

In 2018 I had the priviledge of leading the preparation of the "Code for Creation" stand with the Centre for Doctoral Training in Theory and Simulation of Materials. With a developer team of 16 volunteering grad students, ~£20k of budget, 6 months of hard design and preparation work, and more than 40 volunteers at the event, we showcased over one week, during which more than 14,000 people visited the RSSSE, to the potential of computational material modelling for the design of new materials and metamaterials. You can find more info at the RSSSE dedicated webpage.

Pint of Science 2018 (Co-Organizer)

During the Spring 2018 I had the opportunity to co-organize one of the many Pint of Science events in London. The theme of our night was "The Next Generation of Materials", and it featured none other than Prof. Sir J. B. Pendry as one of our two invited speakers!